Hongu~Nachi 2Days Hiking (Day2)

Chilly morning again, but we got great sun shine.We start hiking at 8am

110317Kumano Kodo Ogumotorigoe1のサムネール画像

At first we hiking up 2hours to the highest point Echizen path. It look like February.



110317Kumano Kodo Ogukumotorigoe2のサムネール画像

He had a great experience in Japan, I hope.
We were moving very good pace, get to Funami path at 1pm. The view from here is one of my favored in Kumano.

110317Kumano Kodo Ogukumotorigoe Funami pathのサムネール画像

After Funami path, easy go down to Kumano Nachi Taisha shrine, we got there at 2pm.
We check the shrine & Seigantoji temple, also Nachi Water Fall.

110317Kumano Nachi Taisha shrine Water Fallのサムネール画像

The trip was well done, I took him to Onsen down in Nachi town.
Snow in middle of March is very spacial thing, we might be lucky.

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