Katsumi Ueno ”Katsu”

He has born in 1968 in Osaka.
Hiked the hills & mountains around Kansai region from childhood,
touring by motorbike around Australia for three months in 1994,
training white water kayaking & seakayaking in New Zealand & US in 1996, did some first descent too.
He also enjoy backcountry skiing,snowboarding,climbing,rafting and mountain biking.
He is very happy to get in the nature.


・American Canoe Association: White Water Kayak Instructor
・Japan Recreational Canoe Association: Sea Senior Instructor
・Japan Safety Canoeing Association: Instructor1
・New Zealand Recreational Canoe Association: Basic Kayak Safety completion
・Rescue3: Swift Water Rescue Level1 Technician
・Japan Mountain Guides Association: Mountain Guide stageⅡ
・Council for Outdoor & Nature Experiences: Leader
・Japan Nature Game Association: Leader
・The Institute for Earth Education-JAPAN: Interpretive Design completion
・Interpretation Network Japan: School Interpreter Coach Trainer, registered with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of the Environment
・Kumano Hongu Taisha: Representatives of Shrine parishioner
・Shingon sect of Buddhism: Priesthood “Shugendo/Yamabushi”

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