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Kumano Experience


The ascetic Buddhist monk's training Route to Kumano

1Day Hiking / Omine Okugake

Omine Okugake: The ascetic Buddhist monk’s training Route to Kumano


Routes focus on Omine Okugake(Shugendo training route). It is hardest route for pilgrims from western Japan. Starting in the 14th century, the Omine Okugake route was extensively used by the ascetic monks on pilgrimage also training from Yoshino Nara.
We are going to hike the part of Omine Okugake route from Kongo no Tawa to Kumano Hongu Taisha. take a break & do devotional exercises at some places. (It takes 5 hours)

Kumano Experience tour group sizes are small for a relaxing, quality trip.(5Max.)

We also offer as well as portions of the Kohechi (Koyasan to Kumano Hongu Taisha) route, Nakahechi route(Takijiri-oji to Kumano Hongu Taisha) and also Omine Okugake “Shugendo training” route(Yoshino to Kumano Hongu Taisha) for hard core hiker to experience the culture and nature of Kumano.
● Kogumotori-goe section(Nakahechi: easy-moderate, 5hours)
● Hatenashi-toge pass (Kohechi route: moderate, 6hours)
● Kumano Hongu Taisha to Tamaki Jinjya
  (Specal offer: Omineokugake route, for the hard core hiker: 9hours)

 *Attention!!: Our guide is Japan Mountain Guides Association(a member of International Federation of Mountain Guides Association) certified moutain guide, not certified the Interpreter-Guide.

●Minimum group size: 1 , Maximum group size: 5

number of people in group 1person 2people 3people 4people 5people
(per person)
25,000 15,000 14,000 13,000 12,000
Meeting time


  • Tours subject to cancellation because of weather conditions.
  • Depending on the course the meeting and times may change.
    Final information will be given after reservations are confirmed.
What to bring

hiking/walking shoes, hat, backpack, drink(water), sunscreen, rainwear, etc.
※We carry basic first aid

Time table

9:30 meeting~
~10:00 start hiking~
~16:00 finish the trip

  • Depending on the course, the meeting place and times may change.
    Final information will be given after reservations are confirmed.
Meeting place

B&B Cafe Hongu(in front of Hongu Taisha mae bus stop)

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