● Curry(with Salad & Rice)

Beef Curry:Beef
Black Curry:Beef curry based, Black sesame paste
Yakuzen Curry:Ginseng, Clove, Gojiberry, Hawthorn, Chicken
Vegetable Curry:*Vegan
● Asian cuisine(with Salad & Rice)

Red Curry:Chicken
Green Curry:Chicken
Spicy Curry:Chicken
Minced pork rice:Pork
Thai styled Spicy Rice:Chicken, Fish sauce
● Pasta“Spaghetti”(with Salad & Bread)

Mentaiko Creamy sauce:Seasoned cod roe
Eggplants & Araviata:Tomato sause based with chili, *Vegan
Soy Meat Bolongnese:*Vegan
● 4 type of Cheese mixed Pizza:Parmesan, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Gouda

● Sandwiches

● Soup

Any Drinks and Cakes available.